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    Pamela Y: Couple saved $7,586 on 38 day USA & European holiday.

    Business class flights, UK tour and more. Base price $39,285 Less $7,586 GCash credits & FFV = Final price $31,399

    Alison M: Couple saved $5,479 on 57 day Africa, UK, Greece & European holiday.

    Base price $36,478 Less $5,479 GCash credits & FFV = Final price $30,999

    Lisa K: Couple saved $494 on 5 night 4.5 star Gold Coast holiday.

    Flights plus ocean view apartment. Base price $1,492 Less $494 GCash credits = Final price $998

    Joanne B: Family saved $6,590 on 20 day USA & 30 day Manchester UK holiday.

    Accommodation, two tours, multiple flights. Base price $21,968 Less $6,590 FFV & GCash credits = Final price $15,378

    Noelene W: Couple saved $341 on 3 night 4 star Narooma holiday.

    Ocean view apartment. Base price $670 Less $341 GCash credits = Final price $349

    Jeanne T: Group of friends saved $1,042 on 8 nights 4 star Hong Kong & Shanghai

    2 couples, separate accom. plus private airport transfers. Base price $3,922 less $1,042 GCash credits = Final price $2,890 ($1,445 per couple)

    Peter D and Meridith C: Couple saved $3,122 on 21 day New Zealand holiday.

    Flights plus comprehensive itinerary. Base price $12,490 Less $2,722 GCash credits and $400 FFV = Final price $9,368

    Scott C: Family of 5 saved $414 on 7 night 4.5 star Sunshine Coast holiday.

    School holidays, 3 bedroom ocean view apartment. Base price $2,073 Less $414 GCash credits = Final price $1,659

    Linda N: Couple saved $221 on 7 night, 4.5 star Port Macquarie holiday.

    School holidays, 3 bedroom ocean view apartment. Base price $1,020 Less $221 GCash credits = Final price $779

    Craig C: Couple saved $685 on 10 night 4.5 star Bali holiday.

    Flights plus luxury ocean front resort, deluxe room, transfers. Base price $3,424 Less $685 GCash credits = Final price $2,739 (

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    "Hi, have finally returned. Wonderful, wonderful trip. We think we loved Paris and its age/artworks but all was full of laughter fun and learning. Paris apartment was beautiful, & quiet when windows were closed, which wasn't bad anyway. The street is full of lots of restaurants and cafe's. (we also loved Shakespeare & co bookshop.) Fruit and chocolates in most rooms and champagne which I think we only drank in Brussels. we were ready for bed everywhere else though we almost had it for morning tea at Amsterdam on check in. Magnificent. Cheers." Val C.

    "Have just returned from our wonderful trip to the UK. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your organisation, we had the best holiday ever, an absolutely marvellous time, the tour was magnificent. We would recommend the Trafalgar Britain and Ireland Winter delights tour to anyone who wants to do adventurous travel, learning about other countries, and making friends. The coach was actually over half full of Aussies! Thanks so much for organising such a memorable holiday for us." Lee D.

    "Deb and I are very grateful for the work you have put into our holiday. 10 days in and we are blown away by the quality and location of the motels and apartments. Many thanks." Jen W.

    "My husband and I have recently returned from a holiday to Canada and Alaska booked through Australian Escapes. The itinerary was planned to take in all aspects of the holiday we required. The travel transfers worked seamlessly and the accommodation was at a standard that met our expectations of comfort and location. We absolutely loved the cruise and surprise upgrade to our stateroom. From our experience with this recent trip I would recommend Australian Escapes." Margaret & Bill T.

    "We've arrived back safely after a thoroughly enjoyable trip where all the arrangements ran like clockwork, for which we want to thank you and your team, especially Sonya and Skye. We'd have no hesitation in recommending you and Volga Dream cruises to anyone who asks. Kind regards and thanks again." Irene and Blake S.

    "I want to thank you for all the accommodation you arranged for us during our holiday in North Queensland in August. It was all excellent. The transfers went very smoothly too and we couldnt have been more pleased with our holiday. Thank you for making everything so easy." Gloria K.

    "My life has been like a whirlwind since I got back. I am now on holidays and catching up with people that I have not had time to contact since coming back. Thank you so much for organising my trip to The States and Canada for me. I had a great time and everything went really well. All flights went well. The hotel you booked me into in Champaign was a really old home with beautiful gardens, all done up and run by two gay guys. It was really quaint and I loved it. I had a great time, everything went without a hitch, I loved all the accommodation that you organized for me and I would like to wish you a happy Christmas and all the best." Marlene S.

    "A message of thanks to you and your staff. The holiday went off without any problems and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and and had a wonderful time. Again many thanks." Dianne D.

    "We are back and rested after a hectic few weeks (away), but everything worked out extremely well. Thanks so much for all your organisation once you get used to the trains and buses, life becomes easy. Once again, thanks to you and the team for all the organisation from both Lorraine and I we really enjoyed the holiday. All the best." Bob C.

    "We just wanted to let you know that the arrangements you put in place for us in WA worked beautifully. You said the Margaret River accommodation was exceptional and it certainly was both in terms of location and facilites. Thanks again." Betty and Clancy S.

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