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New 1800 number:
1800 669 579

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The new Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club

Travel Directions Pty Ltd, led by John Greenbury the original founder of Australian Escapes, are the new managers of Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club. We're honouring all memberships from the previous company* and providing a much better level of service and greater value.

"Our dedicated member services team provides faster, more personalised service than before and we offer a wider range of resort and travel options at wholesale prices. We've experienced a huge, positive response from members and look forward to getting you away on a great value holiday. Your Getaway Cash discount points and Free Flights Vouchers are waiting for you." John Greenbury

Please note the new 1800 number: 1800 669 579

Your Membership

Login to view membership details.

If your membership is coming up for renewal, we'll do that for free. You don't have to do anything, your membership will be honoured along with all benefits and will be extended for two years at no charge.

Ignore calls from Leisurecom/High Tide Holidays with claims (as reported by members) that they have purchased Australian Escapes and that you need to renew your membership with them. Your membership is valid with the Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club.

More suppliers, more value

Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club is a group buying club. We give you access to the best holiday and travel packages in Australia and world-wide at wholesale prices.

All you need to do is tell us where you want to travel and we'll find the very best value options for you. You can then check them out online and compare value. We'll use your Getaway Cash travel credits towards the price of your selection for a great discount and we'll provide a full booking service to save you time as well.

See below for answers to the most common questions. However, if we have not answered your question adequately feel free to send a contact request. The online chat system is also available.

Booking enquiries

Please go to the Booking Enquiry page to get started. If you are unsure of your enquiry type just choose the General Travel option. We're delivering bigger holiday savings, lower membership fees, and better service. Read more

Message from John Greenbury

I was the original founder of Australian Escapes in 2001. I sold the business to AccomCorp in 2005 and stayed on as business development manager.

My company Travel Directions Pty. Ltd. with Global Escapes Travel and the new Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club is opening up many more resort and travel options for members at even better wholesale prices. Memberships are now on a very affordable, annual subscription basis as well.

I invented, authored and developed every aspect of the Australian Escapes holiday membership and I have a genuine commitment to quality service and exceptional value. We look forward to assisting you with great value holidays and amazing discounts. If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us page on the Australian Escapes website. All contact requests come directly to me.

Thank you for your loyalty and I look forward to providing you with the quality of service and value that you really want and deserve.

John Greenbury

Important information and answers for members

* AccomCorp Pty Ltd (previously) trading as Australian Escapes Marketing closed down in March/April 2016 but your holiday club membership is valid with Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club (Travel Directions Pty. Ltd.) Following are some frequently asked questions. Just click the statement or question below to view the answer.

I recently paid for an upcoming holiday. Is the booking still active?

If you have paid a deposit or full payment for a booking not yet taken and we have not already spoken to you, please go to the Contact Us page and provide details. Check your email for correspondence if any.

What happens to my membership?

We're offering the same (and better) membership values as before. We are prepared and able to honour all obligations to existing customers and members as far as their memberships are concerned and to provide a better level of service.

How do I see what resort and travel options are available?

We have access to a much larger range of resort and travel options than ever before. Simply tell us where you want to travel to and when. We will then recommend the best options for you to check out on the internet and we will get the lowest prices for you using your Getaway Cash travel credits. Submit your enquiry online via the Booking Enquiry page.

My membership is up for renewal. Can I still make a booking?

Yes you can still make a booking. There are two membership renewal options: free and paid. The free renewal is where you retain only the Value Guarantee Level of Getaway Cash travel credits in your account. The paid renewal options give you access to all of your Bonus travel credits as well. We'll explain the options when you contact us about your next accommodation or travel booking.

I just paid for a new membership (or upgrade or renewal) and havenít received anything.

You will receive an updated membership card as soon as possible. We are catching up with a large back-log at this time. We do not have access to copies of the previous catalogue and it is not being reproduced. We now have access to a much larger range of discounted resort and travel options than we had previously and maintaining catalogues would be too costly.

I just paid for catalogue update and havenít received anything.

We have decided not to print the catalogue update, instead we are making a PDF version of the catalogue update available: Click to view

The money you paid for the update will be applied to your next booking as part payment.

I bought a holiday package voucher. What happens now?

If you paid a deposit via PayPal (from a Tuesdeal email) or you bought a promotional voucher over the phone, please go to the Contact Us page and supply details. Your voucher will be converted to a full two-year membership at no charge to open up a large range of travel options.

Please use the Contact Us page for additional questions.