Own Your Life We'll show you how and guide you every step of the way!

How to get started in your own work-from-home travel business with Australian Escapes & Global Escapes Travel

We have a continuous and growing stream of member travel enquiries and we need more agents like you to deal with them. If you have a travel agency experience and you're willing to commit the required hours, you'll never look back. NO FEES APPLY for experienced agents. Please note: We are currently only hiring experienced agents.

Are you ready to get started quickly as a work-from-home travel consultant and invest at least 30 hours per week in the business? You need travel agency experience because only experienced agents know what is involved in this type of work and what it takes to succeed. You must be willing to learn new and unique ways of doing things. If you are, then submit your application and we'll contact you immediately. Initial training takes place over two weeks and will include a mix of classroom training, self-teaching, instruction and coaching depending on experience level. In the swimmer's vernacular: "You'll dive deeper, stay down longer and come up wetter" than any other training program in the travel industry. More details in FAQ's.

Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club, established 2002, is a member-based travel company based in Brisbane, Australia. Unlike Travel Counselors, MTA and others, you will be not be required to rely on personal contacts (networking) to start and build your business. You'll be helping existing and new members with their travel plans, providing expert advice and world-wide, wholesale travel pricing. No membership selling is required.

For full details, please read our "Own Your Life" information package. Call or APPLY ONLINE NOW. We recommend that you complete this Suitability Questionnaire before applying.

What does it mean to you to own your life?

Is it feeling like you're in control of your destiny? Making money, having the time to travel or do other things you enjoy doing? Not being tied to the 9 to 5 treadmill? Financial freedom? It means different things to every person.

Australian Escapes and Global Escapes Travel offer you the opportunity to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals working from home or anywhere else in the world as a self-employed, independent contractor with our company. Info We use simple, easy-to-learn travel management systems, so it's easy for you to get started. You can build a real business and potentially generate an exceptional income even when you're on holidays! With dedicated effort you can experience a lifestyle that most people only dream about. Info

Free yourself from the daily grind of driving to work and slaving away for someone else. Become an independent travel consultant with an establish lead source and the support of a team who've been marketing resorts and travel successfully for over 17 years. With our member-based travel business model, you can earn more than $100,000 per year working from your spare bedroom*. We'll show you how.

This is an exciting and fun role, helping members with their travel plans and delivering great value holidays. You'll be assigned travel enquiries from existing members of Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club on completion of your establishment training and you can start earning an excellent income within a few weeks. Info

How members benefit Genuine holiday value

Members of Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club and Global Escapes Travel get your expertise to select the best value and best quality experiences without the big fees charged by shop-front travel agents. Plus they get wholesale prices for hotels, resorts and other travel products. Members use their Getaway Cash travel credits to get these discounts. Visit Australian Escapes main website for more information. Mermbers benefit and you benefit.

Your opportunity Legitimate work-from-home business! Self-employment for life-style.

The member-based travel club concept started by Australian Escapes in Australia in 2002, is what distinguishes our agency program from other home-based travel agent groups. Our loyal members become your clients.

You can literally start with a computer, internet connection and Skype account from your spare room or dining table, working with members of Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club.

"So I don't need my own contacts and clients?"

Exactly. You help our existing and new club members with their travel plans. You receive a large share of service fees, plus you might also get tax benefits.

Learn more about the ICP concept and where you might fit in. Read our FAQ's as well for more information.

This could be perfect timing And the perfect opportunity for you!

More Australians than ever before are travelling regularly and many want professional advice and assistance. They also want the best value for money.

Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club is made up of many thousands of members who have Getaway Cash travel credits to use towards their Australian and overseas holidays.

Travel industry or similar experience is essential, but even then you don't need a lot of travel experience to be successful; you do need to be willing to learn and willing to put in the effort to get established. Importantly you need enough experience to know what the business is about and to know that this is what you want to do. Give us a call on 1800 669 579 and tell us why you would like to make this your new career. Let's talk even if you don't have experience.

Where and how do I start? Just APPLY ONLINE or pick up the phone.

Read the information package and complete the suitability questionnaire. Then if you feel that the opportunity suits you the next step is simply to apply online.

Only apply you are genuinely interested in this opportunity, and you are willing to put in the time and effort to get established.

There are numerous benefits of self-employment including the freedom to make your own decisions and the opportunity to earn in proportion to your abilities and efforts. If you want to be your own boss and work in the travel industry, then your next decision is where to start.

If you're a "people person", responsible, service-orientated, and you pay close attention to detail then give this opportunity serious consideration because it's a great business. You can do it from home and we've made it easy for you to get started. Our expertise coupled with full establishment support will help you succeed. This is like a franchise where you are gaining all of the benefits of a proven system, but without the costs.

  • Existing member-base: You will start with existing customers to provide travel consulting and reservations services.
  • No GDS software or special software training required: We use third-party providers for flight sales and accommodation bookings.
  • Itinerary builder software: Developed by us to automate the preparation of travel itineraries and pricing. (In final development stages.)
  • Centralised administration: Frees you to focus on clients and business-building and avoids costly mistakes. You will be required to place your own bookings with suppliers after an establishment period.
  • Easy start-up: There is no up-front investment required for experienced agents. You pay only your home office expenses and for any promotional materials required. There is an investment for inexperienced trainees to join a training group designed for inexperienced agents. See FAQs for more information.
  • On-going support and training: We offer ongoing support where you feel like you are part of a team as well as ongoing training to help make you successful.

Is this a good fit for you? Take the time to complete our suitability questionnaire.

Read our "Own Your Life" information package then complete this Suitability Questionnaire.

Completing the Suitability Questionnaire will help you decide if working from home in your own travel business is right for you.

Often the main concern for people considering becoming an independent contractor with Australian Escapes is: "How soon will I start receiving an income?" The answer is: "just 3 to 4 weeks*" subject to learning and application. If you have the desire to be successful in home-based travel consulting then in a few weeks you should start receiving an above-average, steady income. Plus you can save $4,000 to $6,000 per year or more in work-related expenses. Info

If you can work without money pressure for 3 to 4 weeks you'll never look back. All you really need to know is that the travel industry is right for you and that you want the freedom of working from home. You also must be willing to learn our methods and systems.

* Potential/actual earnings are subject to individual knowledge, skill and effort. No guarantees are given.