ICP ConceptWhy members need your service

The independent contractor program (ICP) is founded on the idea that a person who is in business for themselves will provide better service than a salaried person would. Based on the principle of "exceptional service + proven value = referrals" the contractor can leverage customer relationships into new and repeat business and from there build a real and valuable business asset.

The concept of home-based travel consultants is not new. The two main players in this category are MTA (Mobile Travel Agents) and Travel Counsellors (a UK-based organisation). They are large and successful and continue to do well in spite of the trend towards online travel. This is because there is a segment of the market that would prefer to leave the travel sourcing and bookings to an expert.

Both MTA and Travel Counsellors require you to start from nothing and to build up your business from personal contacts alone. They also expect you to start with a lot of experience and knowledge about the systems they use.

As an Australian Escapes independent travel consultant you'll implement a simple marketing plan that will immediately start generating new members for you. You'll also be given responsibility for existing members, like taking over an existing business, so you have even more immediate earning opportunities. You can start with limited experience and we'll provide you with our easy systems and training that will get you started quickly. Everyone has to start somewhere. Why not with Australian Escapes & Global Escape Travel?

The Holiday & Travel Club concept that Australian Escapes pioneered in 2002 (and now a world-leader) is more relevant now than ever before. People have far more choice of travel and accommodation buying options today compared to when we started, and it has created a lot of confusion. Customers are bombarded with choice from online travel agents (OTA's), shop-front agents such as Flight Centre and other online operators such as Trip-a-Deal and Groupon.

The average person today can source accommodation online easily and some are good at organising their own basic travel as well. However a large percentage of people are not very capable or knowledgeable in regard to more complex travel itineraries. The following areas are where customers often need help:

  • Planning their itinerary
  • Destination knowledge
  • Choosing the best value accommodation in the right locations
  • Choosing the best, most direct flights at the lowest prices
  • Sourcing the lowest car hire prices, choosing insurance options
  • Finding, booking and confirming the best value tours and activities
  • Booking and organising airport transfers
  • Comparing travel insurance options
  • Avoiding costly mistakes

Most people don't know why they need us until they have tried to do it themselves and learn rapidly that it all aint so easy!

Being a club member provides customers with the assurance that they are getting the very best prices combined with travel planning and travel management expertise.

Better than traditional travel agency service

You will become a membership-based travel consultant handling all of your customers' accommodation and travel itineraries in a way that truly meets their wants and needs resulting in referrals. Your member base will provide you with ongoing revenue from reservations commissions and service fees as well as membership renewals as members enjoy the benefits available.

Further, because you are offering the lowest prices on accommodation and travel you will be highly competitive against other agents. In fact you will be able to make excellent commissions and still beat other agents' pricing by up to 40%.