Frequently Asked

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What type of phone service or equipment do I need?

You can use a standard landline home phone service, ideally with a headset telephone and headset, (see links below). You can use Skype for calls and with Skype you can get a low cost subscription to cover quite a lot of call time.

The best overall solution however is a VOIP service (Voice Over IP/Internet) combined with a Soft Phone. The benefit of a VOIP service is that you get assigned a telephone number and it shows up on your contacts' home and mobile phones vias caller ID. This results in more pickups and returned calls.

Faktotel provides excellent business plans starting at $15.95 per month. That is your telephone service. Then you need a soft phone which is your computer based telephone handset.

Bria is the best choice for soft phone with a once-off charge of approx. $70 AUD.

You can buy quite inexpensive USB headsets (plug into your computer) for use with Skype or a soft phone. The best quality headsets for continuous use are Plantronics headsets. You can buy cheaper headsets but the sound, comfort and voice quality will be nowhere near as good and that will end up costing you money. Initially you can get away with a standard home phone or mobile phone with a good call plan.

Example corded headset telephone (for plugging into a standard home telephone phone socket.)

Example headset telephone (to work with a headset telephone as above)

Skype subscriptions (low call costs, no home phone required)

Plantronics USB headset (top quality at a low price)

Can I just work Saturdays or evenings?

You decide what hours you work. As a matter of fact Saturdays and evenings are often the best time to call customers because that's when most are at home. A suggested approach is to start by talking to existing members about their travel plans, looking after those reservations and building your confidence over time.

Why is it free?

The ICP is new and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to get started. In the future it will not be free to take over an existing customer-base.