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  • Australian Escapes Border-proof Travel Guarantee

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    Covers travel within Australia as well as to New Zealand, Singapore and Fiji. Save up to 40% off other tour and travel company prices.

    It's time to get excited about travelling again! Here's how we'll help you experience your new-found freedom and take advantage of lower airfares and our great value packages.

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    Every Australian state as well as countries where we have self-guided tours and travel packages has a different policy regarding entry. The policies are confusing, hard to interpret and changeable leading to hesitancy and misunderstanding about what happens if you want to travel anywhere. The two main concerns are:

    • What happens if you book a trip but then the border restrictions apply to the destination state or country? You are covered!
    • What happens if you are on a trip and your home state applies border restrictions? You are covered!

    We are right on top of border restrictions and will ensure that you can enjoy the freedom and exhilaration that comes from going on a holiday right now.*

    Border-proof travel guarantee


    Guaranteed no cancellation or change fees. Travel today with genuine peace-of-mind.

    If border restrictions are announced prior to trip commencement, that affects travel to your destination, there will be no fees to change, cancel and rebook your trip to a later date when greater certainty returns. If border restrictions are announced while you are on your trip, that affect your return, there will be no fees to cancel the remainder of your trip and make alternative arrangements.

    * Our "Border-proof Travel Guarantee" is an optional package inclusion that covers cancellation and/or change fees up to the date of return (subject to the conditions below). The guarantee only applies if it is specifically included in your travel plan and full payment for the travel plan has been received by us.

    Fees Covered: All cancellation, change and rebooking service fees normally applicable for our time, and change fees imposed by suppliers up to a maximum of 10% of the original booking.

    Border-proof Travel Guarantee Conditions: A minimum 48-hour notice period is necessary to meet supplier requirements. This period generally fits the notice period given by state governments when border closure events have occurred in the past. If an included flight, accommodation, car-hire or other booking is changed a higher fare/price might be payable for the new date, however we will always endeavour to match the original price. If you change your booking to a peak season travel date then significantly higher fares/prices might be payable. Peak periods include school holidays, public holidays, long weekends and event periods for the destination(s) in the tour or travel package and can also cover entire tourist seasons. This guarantee applies once only to the original travel plan and does not apply to any rebooking of the travel plan unless specifically included. This guarantee does not replace travel insurance.

    "What happens if I am on a trip and border restrictions suddenly apply to my home state?"

    Border status can change with short notice. If you become aware of any restrictions being applied while you are travelling, that affect your return, contact us if we have not already contacted you, and we will assess the situation. If you must cut your holiday short, we will change your flights to return home as soon as possible. The above "Border-proof Travel Guarantee Conditions" apply. A shorter notice period may be accepted by affected suppliers.

    We will cancel remaining accommodation, activities, and car hire if applicable. Our preferred suppliers generally cooperate where border restrictions are in place and we will provide a credit, refund or a combination where possible.

    Don't hesitate any longer!

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    Australian travel will explode towards the end of 2021 and it is a good idea to book now rather than wait. Take advantage of Australian Escapes' "Border-proof" guarantee and book now to get the lowest possible price for your holiday.

    (Conditions current as at 15/11/2021)