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  • Getaway Cash Travel Credits

    Getaway Cash

    Getaway Cash travel credits are our value "currency". It is how you receive and measure service and savings value as a member, backed by our World-wide Savings Guarantee.

    Getaway Cash Travel Credits

    Our mission:

    Make sure you are so happy with our service, your holiday and the value received that you are willing to give us a 5-star review on Product Review and Google.

    Getaway Cash travel credits represent and measure the VALUE you receive as a member. For example, they pay for the time we put into planning, booking, and organizing your holidays as well as documentation and administration, arranging travel insurance and so on. Normally, if you organize a trip through a traditional travel agency you would pay a 20 to 40% premium for their services.

    Your GCash credits can also be used towards things like accommodation, airport transfers, activities and tours wherever possible. The overall advantage to you is you pay an average of 25% less than full retail; potentially as much as 40% less. We back this up with our 15% World-wide Savings Guarantee as our assurance of value.

    The real value to you of course is we take care of all the details so you can just relax and enjoy your holiday knowing everything has been handled professionally for you.

    Here's how your travel credits are applied...

    When we plan a holiday for you, we work out how much GCash travel credits can be applied towards the total price, including any travel services involved. The amount you pay is reduced accordingly by deducting travel credits from your membership account.

    Example travel package

    Full retail value (including professional agency services): $3,900
    Less Getaway Cash travel credits: $975
    Amount you pay: $2,925

    Maximum GCash usage: Up to 40% of full retail value. The average is around 25%.

    "Full retail value" (aka. "normal retail price") is the price of either (a) a competing travel quote or (b) what we estimate you would pay for your customised travel plan through another travel company offering similar inclusions and services, or (c) the non-member price of a pre-packaged itinerary. The amount of Getaway Cash that can be used is entirely at our discretion. Standard price and full retail value comparisons are with similar packages offered elsewhere or what we estimate would be payable by a non-member for the same or similar package and may include a value we define for specialty travel agency services.

    More information...


    We often receive requests to price accommodation at a member's preferred or selected hotel or resort.

    We have access to member rates at thousands of properties world-wide. However, we do not have access to member rates at every property in Australia or the rest of the world.

    Therefore it is essential that you are flexible in regard to the property if you want us to submit a proposal. If you are not flexible, and we do not have access to member rates at your specific property, we will not be able to use GCash credits towards the booking price and we will not supply pricing.

    On the other hand, if you are flexible, we will usually be able to find a great value property that will suit you.

    Getaway Cash travel credits are applied towards the price on the same basis that is used for travel packages.

    Terms & Conditions

    The following terms and conditions apply to the use of Getaway Cash discount travel credits (also called "GCash") and are subject to change without notice. By purchasing or agreeing to proceed with a travel or accommodation package, making a travel and/or accommodation enquiry or booking with Travel Directions Pty Ltd ("Australian Escapes") and/or engaging the services of Australian Escapes in any other way you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as well as our standard booking conditions and any reasonable amendments.


    The Getaway Cash (GCash) travel credits system is a method of obtaining and measuring the value of travel services and savings offered by Australian Escapes.


    GCash credits may only be used for the purposes we describe in member information and cannot be redeemed for cash, goods or services except as we specify. You can use your GCash credits towards the following types of travel:

    • Domestic and international travel packages. Example packages are advertised on the website.
    • Customised domestic travel plans that include flights and at least 3 nights' accommodation.
    • Customised international travel plans that include flights and at least 7 nights' accommodation.
    • International cruise packages including cruise(s), flights and at least 3 nights' pre/post-cruise accommodation.
    • Accommodation-only bookings (Australia and international) where we have access to member rates*.

    The following booking types do not qualify:

    • Domestic and international cruise-only bookings.
    • Flight-only bookings.
    • Activities, car hire, cruise and tour excursions except where part of a larger package.

    * It is important to understand that we have access to member rates at hundreds of properties in Australia and thousands world-wide. But we do not have access to member rates at every property. See "Can I find a resort/hotel and you will discount it with GCash" in the Website FAQ's....


    GCash may be used towards accommodation and travel up to a limit set by us on a case-by-case basis according to the normal retail price of the package. Each time you make a booking we use GCash travel credits from your account towards your holiday. The amount used is based on the amount of retail margin in the package. Getaway Cash cannot be used to get a free holiday.


    "Full retail value", also referred to as "normal retail price", is the price of either (a) a competing travel quote or (b) the retail price we estimate that you would pay for your customised travel plan through another travel company offering the same level of service, or (c) the non-member price of a pre-packaged itinerary. The amount of Getaway Cash that can be used is entirely at our discretion.


    (Applies to Platinum membership and above.) You must remain a member of Australian Escapes Holiday & Club (Travel Directions Pty Ltd) to accumulate interest credits on the balance of your Getaway Cash account and to be entitled to other benefits offered to members. "Interest" is paid in the form of Getaway Cash travel credits and is calculated at 10% of the remaining Value Guarantee balance. A maximum of 2,000 interest credits can be earned.