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Lisa K: Couple saved $494 on 5 night 4.5 star Gold Coast holiday.

Flights plus ocean view apartment. Base price $1,492 Less $494 GCash credits = Final price $998

Joanne B: Family saved $6,590 on 20 day USA & 30 day Manchester UK holiday.

Accommodation, two tours, multiple flights. Base price $21,968 Less $6,590 FFV & GCash credits = Final price $15,378

Noelene W: Couple saved $241 on 3 night 4 star Narooma holiday.

Ocean view apartment. Base price $570 Less $241 GCash credits = Final price $349

Jeanne T: Group of friends saved $1,042 on 8 nights 4 star Hong Kong & Shanghai

2 couples, separate accom. plus private airport transfers. Base price $3,922 less $1,042 GCash credits = Final price $2,890 ($1,445 per couple)

Peter D and Meridith C: Couple saved $3,122 on 21 day New Zealand holiday.

Flights plus comprehensive itinerary. Base price $12,490 Less $2,722 GCash credits and $400 FFV = Final price $9,368

Scott C: Family of 5 saved $414 on 7 night 4.5 star Sunshine Coast holiday.

School holidays, 3 bedroom ocean view apartment. Base price $2,073 Less $414 GCash credits = Final price $1,659

Linda N: Couple saved $221 on 7 night, 4.5 star Port Macquarie holiday.

School holidays, 3 bedroom ocean view apartment. Base price $1,020 Less $221 GCash credits = Final price $779

Craig C: Couple saved $685 on 10 night 4.5 star Bali holiday.

Flights plus luxury ocean front resort, deluxe room, transfers. Base price $3,424 Less $685 GCash credits = Final price $2,739 (

Why join?

Professional travel planning and reservations services and expertise combined with lowest holiday accommodation and travel prices, it's that simple.

If you're shopping on, Expedia, Agoda, Wotif,, Hotels Combined, Trip Advisor, Flight Centre or any of the others you're paying full retail. That's right. Even though they might make it look like you are getting a bargain, the reality is often quite different.

Especially if you are planning a longer holiday that involves multiple components or destinations - the self-serve, online environment will only give you headaches and will take up a lot of your time. We do this every day and we know how to do it efficiently whilst ensuring you a hassle-free holiday. Read about how a travel agent works to benefit you here.

As a member of Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club, you get our expertise to select the best value and best quality experiences without the big fees charged by shop-front travel agents. Plus you get wholesale prices for a large percentage of advertised hotels and resorts because we have access to special "closed user group rates". These rates are only available to companies that do not advertise to the general public. Plus we get packaging discounts that are not available to the general public as well.

Occasionally a member will find lower rate for a resort or hotel for 1 or 2 nights because we cannot control how some hotels and groups distribute their rates but as a general rule, our prices are much lower than retail and that's just one of the key benefits you receive from being a member.

Join today to benefit from our travel expertise, and save up to 40% off domestic and international travel packages.

Getaway Cash

What do I get when I join?

We are a travel club, the first and largest in Australia. You join to get more travel for your dollars.

When you join you'll receive a generous amount of Getaway Cash (GCash) travel credits to use over the life of your membership. Your Australian Escapes Getaway Cash account represents the maximum amount of discounts you can receive as a member.

Each time you make a booking we use travel credits from your account towards your holiday. GCash credits can be used up to the limit we set on a package-by-package basis according to the amount of retail margin available. We give you the benefit of that margin as your discount and effective savings off standard retail prices.

Example of Getaway Cash usage:

Mr Jones books a travel package using his membership:

  • Standard retail price: $2,500
  • Less Getaway Cash travel credits (retail margin): $700
  • Wholesale price you pay: $1,800

We automatically apply the maximum Getaway Cash travel credits to bring the price down as low as possible.

Introductory special: Join today for just $99 and receive $1,000 in Getaway Cash travel credits with 15 months membership, and a guarantee.

What you'll receive:

  • $1,000 in Getaway Cash travel credits
  • First top-up free*
  • Access to discounts on all accommodation and travel
  • Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club card valid for 18 months

* If your bookings during the first 15 months require additional Getaway Cash credits you will receive one free top-up of $2,000 to enable you to gain maximum value from your membership.

GUARANTEED VALUE: We guarantee to at least double your money back on your first booking. Any of the following bookings qualifies. The resort or hotel must be one where we have access to discounted rates. If you're not happy with the outcome we'll give you your money back PLUS you get a free 12 month membership.

  • Hotel or resort booking of 5 nights or more.
  • Domestic travel package including flights and at least 3 nights' accommodation.
  • Any international travel package.

World-wide travel discounts with professional service

Not only can we organise your travel within Australia or anywhere else in the world, you pay absolutely the lowest prices available for accommodation, airfares, car hire, cruises and tours; up to 40% less than online and offline travel agent prices. Plus, you automatically receive our Premium Travel Service package (see below) valued at $480 at no extra charge whenever you travel.

  • Make all accommodation booking arrangements
  • Source lowest available airfares and make all flight booking arrangements
  • Quote and arrange best-value comprehensive travel insurance
  • Organise and confirm all travel as well as activities and transfer itineraries
  • Arrange seat allocations, in-flight meals and baggage as required
  • Customise, print and mail your itinerary
  • Provide 24 hour telephone support if you need last-minute assistance whilst overseas
  • Give you peace-of-mind and allow you to relax in the knowledge that everything has been done correctly

Australian Escapes personnel are trained, professional travel staff who will advise you and take care of every detail so you not only receive an exceptional value package you can just turn up at the airport with your bags ready to enjoy your holiday without a care.

Send us your competitor travel quote even if you're not yet a member. We'll beat the socks off it, and show you how you can join today to save a pile of money.

Value Guarantee

Our guarantee of value is that we will save you at least three times your membership investment in genuine discounts measured as travel credits used. That is called the “Value Guarantee Level”. The rest of your GCash credits above the Value Guarantee Level are a BONUS.

If we cannot save you at least the Value Guarantee Level in genuine savings during your membership then we will renew your membership for up to another 2 years for free.* If your membership was a free conversion to a GCash Membership then no Value Guarantee applies. Bonus GCash credits may only be retained when you choose a paid renewal option.