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  • Exclusive Travel Benefits
  • Exclusive Travel Benefits


    Look for "Exclusive Travel Benefits" in the inclusions lists of tour and travel packages and in your customised travel plans. Your membership level (Gold or above) determines which of these premium inclusions you are entitled to receive where available. Please read the inclusion information as well as the terms and conditions below.

    Extra value, enhanced travel experiences:

    How big a difference does it make when you experience a little touch of luxury on your holiday, such as a free room upgrades or champagne on arrival? You now have access to possible exclusive member benefits whenever you travel. If there is something in particular that is of most value to you, please let us know.


    Your Exclusive Travel Club Benefits

    These exclusive benefits and others not listed below are available to Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club members. They are over and above standard inclusions in qualifying travel packages. You receive travel discounts using your Getaway Cash travel credits and Free Flights Vouchers where applicable PLUS these extra travel benefits may be available. Look for these inclusions in travel packages and in your customised travel plans.

    Important condition: All benefits are subject to availability and do not automatically apply to a travel plan/package. The following are examples. Other benefits might be available and will be specified in your travel plans where applicable.

    Travel Club Bonuses Diamond Platinum Gold
    Airport Lounge Access (International travel) Up to 4 Up to 2 Up to 2
    Extra Legroom Seating (International travel) Tick Tick  
    Travel Footrests (International travel) Tick Tick Tick
    Private Airport Transfers (International travel) Tick Tick Tick
    Lonely Planet Guides Tick Tick Tick
    Champagne on Arrival Tick Tick Tick
    Hotel Breakfasts Tick Tick  
    Hotel Standard Upgrades Tick    

    Airport Lounge Access

    An airport lounge provides a peaceful environment where you can relax before you fly. Here you can enjoy a quiet drink and light refreshments, read a book or newspapers, or simply watch TV. This adds a touch of luxury to the start or end of your holiday. Free access is even better. Subject to availability.

    Extra Legroom Seating

    When travelling overseas on a long flight it can be very hard to get comfortable, especially if you are tall. Extra legroom seating can be a saviour. Generally, this will be exit row seating in economy and will be booked in advance on request. Be sure to let us know as soon as possible if extra legroom is required. Subject to availability.

    Travel Footrests

    There's nothing worse when travelling on a long flight than not being able to lift your feet and get comfortable. Say "hello" to ultimate travel comfort for your legs and feet. We'll include two these at no charge for your first overseas trip. You can thank us when you return.

    Private Airport Transfers

    The main benefits of a private airport transfer to you hotel are: The driver meets you in the airport arrivals hall and will assist with luggage; you don’t have to wait in a queue for a taxi; and it is pre-arranged so there’s nothing required except to call prior to confirm. On departure, the driver will be at your hotel waiting when it’s time to leave. This provides you with the most stress-free arrival and departure experience possible. Your free private airport transfers, where available, will be arranged by us when we confirm final departure and arrival times.

    Lonely Planet Guides

    Lonely Planet is renowned for its first-hand approach, up-to-date maps and commitment to providing the best information for travelers. Lonely Planet authors are experienced, insightful travel experts. They personally research the places they write about, both in the first and in subsequent editions, and provide essential travel details along with a wealth of insider information and first-hand tips. Lonely Planet guides for the main destinations in your travel plans will included at no charge.

    Hotel Standard Upgrades

    Free hotel standard upgrades apply to packages where, for example: the base package is Bronze, you can often get a Silver accommodation standard upgrade; silver upgrades to gold etc. These hotel upgrades can include room-type upgrades as well, adding to your travel experience. Subject to availability.

    Hotel Breakfasts

    Many travelers hope that breakfast is included for each night of hotel stays when travelling, but often learn on arrival that it is not the case. Breakfasts cost money and not all hotels will include them for free. However, we preference hotels where we can get breakfasts included at no extra charge for you wherever possible.

    Champagne on Arrival

    One of the finer things in life is enjoying a glass of sparkling wine or chocolates on arrival at your hotel. You can enjoy either sparkling wine or chocolates on any qualifying holiday package of three nights or more. It will be a surprise and you might discover that you get this treat at more than one hotel on a longer trip.

    Terms & Conditions

    The following terms and conditions apply to Exclusive Travel Benefits ("Benefits") described above and are subject to change without notice. Refer to your membership level for the maximum entitlements.

    One or more Benefits may be issued during the term of your membership up to the limit specified in connection with qualifying travel packages booked during the current membership period. Benefits apply to the current membership period and unused benefits do not roll-over to the next membership renewal period. Benefits may be shared with others travelling with you.

    All benefits are subject to availability and do not automatically apply to a travel plan/package. The following are examples. Other benefits might be available and will be specified in yout travel plans where applicable.


    Lounge passes are per-person, so for two people travelling you will use two passes each time. They apply to comprehensive international travel plans only. If you require additional lounge passes, they can be included in your travel plan and you will pay the lowest member price.


    Free extra legroom seating is sometimes available for economy class bookings for both domestic and international travel. Travelers must meet the airline’s exit row seating requirements.


    Free private airport transfers are available in most major centres throughout the world. We will include details in your travel plans if free private airport transfers can be included and a reliable service provider is available.


    One or more applicable free hotel standard upgrades may be shown in your travel plans. An upgrade may apply where available. An upgrade is any improvement on the room standard and/or type in comparison to the accommodation included in an advertised travel package.


    Some hotels, resorts and apartment properties selected for advertised travel packages and custom travel plans do not offer breakfast but are the preferred accommodation choice. We will advise this in any travel plans we prepare for you.


    Where applicable, you can choose between local sparkling wine or locally-sourced chocolates to the value of $30 AUD. Unless otherwise requested, sparkling wine will be supplied. On longer trips involving multiple hotel stays we may, at our discretion, supply this value more than once.