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Published: 18/11/2023

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Is this the best way to clean your clothes whilst traveling? Until now, maybe...

Key points:

  • A better way to wash clothes whilst travelling
  • Save time
  • So you can enjoy more travel

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know that keeping your clothes fresh on longer trips is a necessary problem.

Most of us wash clothes in the sink, and that's certainly one option. But it requires a sink, a lot of elbow grease and doesn't always guarantee a thorough clean.

Another option is to find and use a laundromat, but that eats into your travel enjoyment time. Hotel services can be expensive, or simply not available. Packing enough clothes for a longer trip is impractical.

Surely there’s a better way! There is!

Introducing the Scrubba Wash Bag, your ultimate travel companion.

Just add water, some laundry liquid, and your clothes to the bag. Seal it, expel the air, and start scrubbing. The flexible internal washboard does the hard work for you, giving your clothes a thorough clean in minutes.

Check this out.

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We don't make anything out of this. It's simply a great idea.

Scrubba is a lightweight, portable and durable washing machine that fits easily into your travel gear.

It can double as a dry bag or a pillow. Or use it to pack some of your clothes.

It’s water-efficient and very easy to use. Just follow the simple six-step process to get your laundry done in just minutes with very little water.

Korjo clothes line

Add this laundry line kit:

Take at least two or three of these marvelous stretchy laundry lines that can be strung up in any hotel room or cruise cabin.

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