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    A Quick Guide


    When you join our travel club you'll receive "Getaway Cash" travel credits (also called GCash travel credits). These credits give you access to travel industry wholesale pricing. You also get expert travel agent assistance to help plan your holidays. That includes sourcing the best value tours, cruises, flights and accommodation.

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    Member feedback

    The standout point is how we made members' holidays highly enjoyable and trouble-free. Plus they acknowledge receiving exceptional value.

    Getaway Cash travel credits = member savings

    Getaway Cash travel credits reduce the price of your trip from full retail to industry wholesale. It can also represent significant additional values such as our professional travel services. Our time and expertise to source the best value, highest quality, travel options for you are paid with travel credits. GCash can also represent the value of the many services and inclusions we provide above and beyond the travel package itself.

    Getaway Cash

    • Brings the price of most holidays down to industry wholesale.
    • Gives you access to professional services without the big fees charged by traditional travel agencies.
    • Each GCash travel credit is worth $1 dollar of discount or other value delivered.
    • Tour and travel savings off typical retail value can be as high as 40%.
    • You receive a guaranteed minimum 15% price-beat advantage.

    World-wide Savings Guarantee

    Saving Guarantee

    Bring us a competitor quote and let us go to work for you.

    We guarantee to beat any competitor accommodation-only quote or travel package price or value by a minimum of 15%. Read more.

    Saving Guarantee

    World-wide savings Guarantee

    We guarantee to beat any competitor accommodation-only quote or travel package price or value by a minimum of 15% ("price-beat") on the following basis:

    Note: By requesting the price-beat you are under no obligation to place a booking with us or proceed with the final travel package as the case may be.


    We guarantee to provide at least 15% more total value or a price that is 15% lower than a competitor quote supplied to us for the same accommodation property, on the same conditions and with the same inclusions, provided we have access to be able to book the accommodation through our normal supplier channels. If we do not have access to that property we will offer an alternative that is of the same or higher strandard, as per our hotel rating system and that meets the stated requirements, subject to availability.


    Inclusions in travel and tour packages assembled by travel agents, tour companies, wholesalers, online travel promoters will all be different in some way. Packages will vary by inclusions, validity, suppliers, component type, standard, terms and conditions etc ("package components").

    Our objective in a price-beat situation is to assemble a package containing similar and/or higher value package components to that which you present to us. We guarantee to offer at least 15% more total value or a price that is 15% lower than the competitor quote. Any package components that are exclusive to specific suppliers to which we do not have access will not be included. Alternative supplier products may be offered. This guarantee does not apply to flight-only or cruise-only bookings. Booking types must qualify for Getaway Cash travel credits usage (refer to website FAQs). Value may include travel services supplied by the company. Other conditions apply as follows:

    Terms & Conditions

    The above and following terms and conditions apply to travel plans and accommodation quotes requested from and supplied by Travel Directions Pty. Ltd. trading as Global Escapes Travel, Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club (Australian Escapes) and Kiwi Escapes (the company) and are subject to change without notice. These conditions are to be read in conjunction with our standard booking conditions and conditions applicable to Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club membership as defined in website FAQs.


    The price-beat must be requested before you place a booking with any other travel agent, online booking agent or property direct in relation to the subject accommodation or package.

    A price-beat may be requested by providing clear, written evidence of the competitor quote as well as your requirements to an employee of the company who performs a reservations or travel consultant role ("company contact") as follows:

    1. Evidence regarding an accommodation-only price-beat may be supplied by phone or email stating the name of the property and room type, where you saw the price (on what website, in what publication etc.)
    2. Evidence regarding a tour or travel package must be provided to us in the form of a written quotation by the competitor travel agent if applicable, or by supplying other written or photographic evidence containing full package details via email to the company contact.
    3. Your exact booking requirements including travel/booking dates, number and age of travellers and special requirements if any.

    A competitor quote presented under this guarantee must be genuine (not contrived) and must be a final, fixed price, backed by verifiable evidence. A competitor quote that we determine is not genuine or final is excluded.


    Your Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club membership must be Gold level or above and active/paid up at the time of requesting the price beat.

    AE flight vouchers

    Get extra holiday savings with Australian Escapes Free Flights and discount vouchers. Included in our Gold membership plan and above. Valid for use on most of our travel packages.


    • Each voucher is worth $100.
    • They reduce the price of flights for selected packages.
    • On some domestic travel you can get 100% free flights.

    Savings plus top professional service

    Many people think "Why use a travel agent when I can book everything myself?" Most do it in the belief that they are saving money. Simple bookings, maybe. Larger trips are another story. We take on the job for you AND save you money.


    Here's what we'll do for you, all without any obligation to book with us:

    • Customize a travel plan for you that will delight you.
    • Save you money off what you can book elsewhere.
    • Save you time, money, headaches and frustration.
    • Take the worry out of travel for you by professionally handling the details.
    • Go to work for you to find you the lowest prices for your travel plans.
    • Provide you with access to a wider range of travel suppliers.
    • Give you the benefit of our destination and supplier knowledge.

    Submit a booking enquiry today and we'll go to work for you.