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    4 Ways We Can Benefit You

    How do we plan and price travel and what are the options available to you? Read on to discover 4 ways we can be of service.

    Our mission:

    Make sure you are so happy with our service, your holiday and the value received that you are willing to give us a 5-star review on Product Review and Google.

    You get best value pricing as well as the best available service and expertise - amongst the highest rated in the industry.

    Read on to understand what we do and how we can benefit you with our travel services.

    Your perfect travel package starts here.

    All packages listed on our website are thought-starters or "templates". They are a starting point from which we can build your perfect holiday.

    At least 90% of all trips we book for members that start as a standard package are customized in some way. About 50% of all trips are fully customized.

    Start with an existing package then tell us what you would like to add or change. Or outline a special trip you have in mind and we'll plan it and price it for you using member benefits. We're 100% flexible. Continue below: "The 4 ways we can be of service".

    Important reading:

    Learn about Getaway Cash travel credits: What they are and how they are used. Read about what types of travel qualify and what other limits and conditions apply.

    Read the FAQ's to gain a deeper understanding of your membership.

    The 4 ways we can be of service...

    There are no limits to the type of travel we can organize in Australia and world-wide. Let's look at four different ways you can get real value for your membership investment. It's worthwhile also knowing what we do in handling your enquiries.


    How to get started:

    First submit a booking enquiry.

    All incoming enquiries are monitored by an dedicated travel support staff member. You'll receive an email and SMS acknowledgement.

    A travel consultant will be assigned and will call to discuss the trip you have in mind. Usually you will receive a call within 45 minutes of us receiving your enquiry. However sometimes there will be a delay if we are handling many enquiries at once, which does happen at different times of the year.

    The travel consultation pathway depends on the type of enquiry (see Options 1 to 4 below) whether you are enquiring about a specific package or requesting a plan for a fully-customized trip for example.

    Start with a package search. Or simply submit a booking enquiry.

    If you find a package to use as a starting point:

    A travel consultant will be assigned and will call to review the standard itinerary and discuss any changes you would like to make.

    If you don't find anything close to what you want:

    If nothing comes up from a package search, submit a booking enquiry briefly describing the trip you have in mind. Your travel consultant will call to build an itinerary with you over the phone and clarify your requirements.

    The travel consultant will then produce what's called a "trip outline".

    This is for custom itineraries only. The purpose is to get the itinerary worked out with dates and inclusions. Once that is approved by you, we move to the next step of pricing and travel planning.

    All trips are individually planned:

    Your travel consultant will plan and price your trip "from scratch" for your travel dates so that you know upfront what the final member price will be. This applies to all travel whether package-based or customized.

    A travel plan is prepared next. This is a detailed document that let's you see exactly how we plan to arrange your trip and deliver the travel experience you want. You will see the full retail value and price you pay after GCash travel credits and flight vouchers where applicable.

    We'll make changes as required until you are perfectly happy with your itinerary and inclusions.

    Our 5-star "complete care program":

    When you are ready to proceed we'll organize your travel insurance (if applicable) first then lock in the most time-sensitive parts of your trip. Other bookings will then be done and information will be provided to suppliers. Those bookings will be confirmed and followed up for final documentation.

    The process is carefully supervised and checks exist at each stage so that nothing is missed.

    There is a lot involved in planning, pricing and booking travel, paying suppliers and getting and processing final documentation. We take care of all of that for you and provide printed as well as online documentation versions.

    If there are any last-minute changes because of supplier issues such as flight changes, we deal with them and keep you informed. Then, when you are travelling, if there is a problem with any booking (which is rare), at any time of the day or night, we will deal with it immediately for you to avoid disruption to your trip.

    Everything starts with a booking enquiry. We'll take it from there.

    booking enquiry

    How to use this:

    (This same search form appears in several places including the front page of our website.)

    For practice, enter New Zealand in the Main Destination box above. As you enter the destination you will see several "search term" options appear. Select New Zealand and click the Search button to see list of example tour and travel packages.

    Every package is a template that can be changed to suit your requirements. Most include flights, accommodation, tours, activities and other components that will give you an excellent travel experience. We show the full retail value for the standard package and the amount of Getaway Cash travel credits you can use to get the lowest member price.

    Tour packages are either fully-guided, or self-guided with car hire and a complete itinerary to follow. Travel packages are less structured.

    Don't be concerned if you don't see exactly what you want. If you see something similar to what you want you can start with that and we'll make changes to suit you. Alternatively you can go to option 2 below and simply tell us what you have in mind.

    Everything starts with a booking enquiry. We'll take it from there.

    booking enquiry

    Custom Trip

    How to use this:

    Either (a) start with a Package search or (b) simply outline the trip you have in mind in a booking enquiry.

    We'll help you plan your trip and get you the lowest possible price.

    If nothing comes up in a package search, just submit a booking enquiry briefly describing the trip you have in mind. A travel consultant will be assigned and will call to build an itinerary with you over the phone and to clarify your requirements.

    Read above "What we do" to understand what we do from here.

    Cruise-only and flight-only bookings:

    We can price and book these for you, however they do not qualify for Getaway Cash travel credits usage. Read about Getaway Cash travel credits especially what types of travel qualify.

    booking enquiry

    Bring us a Deal

    How to use this:

    Take advantage of our World-wide savings guarantee.

    Bring us any deal from a travel promoter such as Trip-a-Deal, Luxury Escapes, My Fiji (and other "My" brands), Flight Centre, Holiday Max and others.

    They might make it look like you are getting a bargain, but the opposite is usually true.

    Use the Price Beater page to submit their quote, or forward the quote in an email to Use your first and last name as the subject line.

    We'll apply our World-wide Savings Guarantee to provide a better price or better total value. Conditions apply.


    How to use this?

    Start with a booking enquiry.

    We have access to member rates with thousands of hotels and resorts in Australia and world-wide, but not every property.

    The best approach is to submit a booking enquiry and tell us the location where you want accommodation. We'll then recommend a hotel or resort that suits what you want as closely as possible, and where we can use your travel credits for at least 15% off full retail value.

    You can bring us an accommodation property, however, if we do not have member rates at that property, we cannot discount the accommodation.