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    Fiji is a tropical paradise blessed with natural beauty both on the land and under the water that challenges you to be adventurous. Set your internal clock to ‘Fiji time’: exploring the archipelago’s exquisite beaches, undersea marvels, lush interiors and fascinating culture shouldn’t be rushed.

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    Fiji, South Pacific

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    Self-guided and group-guided packages with car (or bus hire) are available for Australia, New Zealand, Norfolk Island and Fiji where you can drive on the left. UK is next. Hawaii also coming soon with "right drive" lessons! Be sure to click the Travel Packages (general travel) tab above as well.

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    Example Tour Packages
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    Imagine your ideal Fijian holiday and then discover it at Plantation Island! It’s easy to relax with the pristine beaches just steps away and the resort's range of fantastic activities. Approx. saving off retail value: $1,760 per person.

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    Save up to 38% off retail

    For the active family that wants to experience the different landscapes, seascapes, islands, villages, cities and resorts of Fiji, this 14-day family itinerary is for you. Approx. saving off retail value: $1,480 per person.

    Save up to 34% off retail

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    Example Travel Packages
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    Includes all airfares, a 7-day rental car. Stay in Nadi for 1 night, enjoy 2 nights on the stunning Coral Coast, and experience 2 nights in lively Pacific Harbour. Explore Suva for 1 night, then venture to Taveuni for 3 nights of tropical bliss before concluding your journey with 4 nights in peaceful Savusavu. Dive into unforgettable experiences like Robinson Crusoe sunset cruises, exhilarating zip-lining adventures, and encounters with exotic wildlife at Kula Wild Adventure Park. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, every moment promises excitement and tranquility for your perfect getaway. Approx. saving off retail value: $1,058 per person.

    Save up to 22% off retail

    Insists of all airfares, 5 nights of luxurious accommodation, optional tours, round-trip boat transportation, and a free shuttle from Nadi Airport to Castaway Island. While every element has been carefully planned, you can relax and take in Castaway Island's breathtaking scenery, delectable food, and fascinating adventures. Approx. saving off retail value: $789 per person.

    Save up to 22% off retail

    This package features flights, 9 days of car rental, and a meticulously planned exploration of Fiji's treasures. Stay overnight in Denarau, Rakiraki, Suva, Pacific Harbour, and Coral Coast. Experience the magic of a sunset dinner cruise complete with a cultural spectacle. The highlight? An 8-day cruise through the enchanting Blue Lagoon. Conclude your unforgettable adventure with a final night in Denarau... Approx. saving off retail value: $1,848 per person.

    Save up to 23% off retail

    Enjoy round-trip airfares, a 7-day car rental, and explore Fiji's top destinations. Stay in Nadi, Coral Coast, Pacific Harbour, and Suva for an unforgettable journey. Dive into thrilling water activities like Kula Wild Adventure Park, a Sigatoka River safari, and ziplining in Pacific Harbour. Get set for a vacation packed with laughter, exploration, and cherished memories... Approx. saving off retail value: $507 per person.

    Save up to 22% off retail

    Dive into relaxation with return airfares that whisk you away to paradise. Glide effortlessly to Denarau Island in your private transfer, setting the stage for two nights of pure luxury at a resort nestled in the heart of Mamanacu Island's beauty. Seamlessly navigate between the enchanting islands with roundtrip ferry transfers, each voyage a scenic adventure in itself. Then, surrender to the allure of Yasawa Island for two more nights of indulgence, before taking to the skies on a breathtaking scenic flight to Nadi. From start to finish, let Fiji's charm captivate your senses and leave you longing for more... Approx. saving off retail value: $846 per person.

    Save up to 22% off retail

    Enjoy hassle-free flights to Nadi, 2 nights in Denarau's luxury accommodation with private transfers. Experience a Denarau sunset dinner cruise or a day trip to Cloud 9 Fiji for ultimate relaxation. Experience a luxurious stay in Mamanuca Island for 2 nights, then return by ferry to Denarau and stay one more night.Travel to Yasawa Island for another 2 nights. Seamless ferry transfers ensure smooth travel, and your return flight home allows you to cherish tropical memories... Approx. saving off retail value: $1,100 per person.

    Save up to 22% off retail

    This package includes return airfares, 8 days of car hire, accommodation for 1 night in Nadi, 2 nights in Rakiraki, with optional activities such as snorkeling and kayaking at Nananu Beach, and a Sigatoka River safari. Additionally, it includes 1 night in Suva, 1 night in Pacific Harbour, and two nights on the Coral Coast, topped off with the Robinson Crusoe Sunset Cruise, a perfect finale to your Fijian escapade! Approx. saving off retail value: $677 per person.

    Save up to 22% off retail

    Includes direct return flights, 8 nights' resort accommodation with daily breakfast, 9 days' car hire and Savala island cruise. Silver star package also includes sunset dinner cruise, cultural centre tour and "lovo" lunch, buffet dinner and show. Complete itinerary with lots to see and do for a couple or family... Approx. saving off retail value: $479 per person.

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    Save up to 22% off retail

    Package grids show example prices and discounts only. For final pricing as well as full terms and conditions please submit a booking enquiry.

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    What's the catch?

    There are no catches: no time-share seminars to attend, nothing extra to spend. These are simply specially-negotiated, bulk-buy packages that enable resorts to fill rooms that might otherwise go empty.

    How it works in a nutshell:

    • You buy a voucher or voucher bundle
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