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    Starting at the Bay of Islands in the far north journey through diverse landscapes that blend beautiful coasts and beaches with geothermal wonders. Head south along the coast to discover lakes, cities and many other interesting places. New Zealand's North Island showcases numerous natural and man-made attractions along with culture and history for a truly diverse holiday experience.

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    North Island, New Zealand

    Visit New Zealand's North Island for a truly diverse holiday experience. Save up to 40% off retail value.

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    Self-drive & Group Packages


    Planned yet flexible, these packages let you experience the best of each destination at your own pace

    Self-guided and group-guided packages with car (or bus hire) are available for Australia, New Zealand, Norfolk Island and Fiji where you can drive on the left. UK is next. Hawaii also coming soon with "right drive" lessons! Be sure to click the Travel Packages (general travel) tab above as well.

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    Example Tour Packages
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    Travel through the heart of the North Island on this short New Zealand self-drive tour. From Auckland to Wellington, get introduced to the North Island's most desirable highlights. Approx. saving off retail value: $1,202 per person.

    Save up to 34% off retail

    Tour Hobbiton and the glow worm caves, cruise the Bay of Islands, dig your very own hot spa at Hot Water Beach, explore Cathedral Cove, be amazed by the cultural experience and geothermal wonders in Rotorua, and marvel at the rock carvings as you sail Lake Taupo... Approx. saving off retail value: $898 per person.

    Save up to 31% off retail

    Native forests, pristine beaches, warm hospitality, and the relaxed vibes of the North Island - this 10-day NZ honeymoon package has it all for you to enjoy. Approx. saving off retail value: $1,251 per person.

    Save up to 29% off retail

    A journey overflowing with pinch-me moments, you will be awestruck as you experience amazing landscapes, highly unusual plants and trees and a wealth of birds and marine mammals. Approx. saving off retail value: $1,792 per person.

    Save up to 34% off retail

    Across New Zealand, you can find everything from untamed wilderness to rich culture. Visiting places like Auckland, Queenstown, and Rotorua, you will explore icy glaciers, raft through white waters, zip through lush forest and much more. Approx. saving off retail value: $1,854 per person.

    Save up to 36% off retail

    Experience vibrant cities, serene beaches, geothermal hotspots and awe-inspiring Maori culture in New Zealand's North Island. Start in the bustling Auckland before heading south along the coast, with its perfect blend of lush farmland and pristine shorelines... Approx. saving off retail value: $861 per person.

    Save up to 35% off retail

    On-land activities are paired with fantastic onboard entertainment to make this 13-day New Zealand cruise an unforgettable and relaxing experience... Approx. saving off retail value: $1,511 per person.

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    Save up to 29% off retail

    Bungee jump in Christchurch, brave the white-peaked rapids of Queenstown, track through New Zealand's spectacular glacier region and so much more on this exciting 15-day adventure guarenteed to get your adrenaline pumping... Approx. saving off retail value: $2,372 per person.

    Save up to 36% off retail

    Bask in the best scenery and natural hot pools New Zealand has to offer over 16 magical days. Highlights include the majestic Milford Sound, geothermal Rotorua, Tongariro National Park, Waiheke Island, and much more... Approx. saving off retail value: $2,974 per person.

    Save up to 38% off retail

    This New Zealand honeymoon is designed for nature lovers who prefer exploring golden sand beaches and wilderness areas alike. White sand beaches and golden bays, mountain adventures and giant glaciers all await you... Approx. saving off retail value: $2,877 per person.

    Save up to 37% off retail

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    Travel Packages


    Less structure, more freedom and great value inclusions that matter

    Don't see exactly what you want? These are just examples. Submit a booking enquiry and we'll prepare a travel plan for you that will delight you. Be sure to click the above tab for Tour Packages as well.

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    Example Travel Packages
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    Visit Auckland's Sky Tower, join a guided city tour, and enjoy a harbour dinner cruise. Board the iconic Northern Explorer, New Zealand's scenic rail journey from Auckland to Wellington and visit the Waitomo glowworm caves. Continue to the South Island for more adventures aboard the Coastal Pacific. A beautiful way to explore New Zealand... Approx. saving off retail value: $1,934 per person.

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    Save up to 31% off retail

    Package grids show example prices and discounts only. For final pricing as well as full terms and conditions please submit a booking enquiry.

    Resort Deals


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    Accommodation Packages
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    Resort & hotel packages are not available for this destination. Available only for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific.

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    Australian Escapes negotiates special "bulk-buy" packages at Bronze to Diamond standard resorts with genuine discounts up to 60% off the lowest prices offered elsewhere. We pass on those huge discounts directly to you saving you heaps.

    Tip #1: Affordability is the key

    We promote a range of very affordable stays, for example 2, 3, 5 and 7 nights. You can make an immediate booking or you can buy a "Deposit voucher". The real value to you is that you can get away more often.

    Tip #2: Vouchers lock in the deal

    The first advantage to you of an Australian Escapes voucher is that it holds the discounted prices for up to 12 months, sometimes longer. You can decide later when you want to get away. You can stay 4 nights, 6 nights or more than 7 nights as well.


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    The voucher deposit value comes off the discounted price of the holiday. So for example, let's say you have a $79 voucher and you want to stay 5 nights at the promoted resort. The discounted price is $549 for example. We will deduct your $79 voucher and you pay the balance at the time of booking, being $470. It's simple, and the overall advantage to you is you get to stay at top-class resorts at a much more affordable prices.

    Tip #5: Early booking gets you the best dates

    Book your first stay as soon as possible after you receive your vouchers to get the dates you want, especially if booking for spring and summer.

    Why haven't I heard of this before?

    If you have heard of Australian Escapes resort vouchers (marketed since 2001) you will already know that we offer by far the best deals available.

    Discounted resort marketing using vouchers has been done in Australia since the early 1980's. Packages were originally promoted via telemarketing however that method has become less popular in recent years. There are only a few companies that continue to sell discounted resort packages by phone. If you only have a mobile phone, chances are you have not been called.


    Australian Escapes has been at the forefront of discounted resort marketing since 2001. This was long before any online hotel & resort promoters appeared. We stopped promoting resorts by phone in 2016. We have now made discounted resort packages available via online channels such as Facebook and Google. From 2019 Australian Escapes returns with its legendary discounted holiday deals. You'll never pay retail again!

    What's the catch?

    There are no catches: no time-share seminars to attend, nothing extra to spend. These are simply specially-negotiated, bulk-buy packages that enable resorts to fill rooms that might otherwise go empty.

    How it works in a nutshell:

    • You buy a voucher or voucher bundle
    • You receive an email with order confirmation linking you to the "My Resort Vouchers" area of our website.
    • You can print the vouchers and rate package details.
    • When you are ready to make a booking you log into "My Resort Vouchers" and submit your booking request.
    • No payment is required until the booking is confirmed with the resort or hotel.
    • The resort will usually confirm your booking on the same business day.
    • You'll receive an invoice and will have 24 hours to pay the final balance.
    • Savings off retail (including other accommodation and travel websites) can be as high as 60%.

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