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    Booking Terms & Conditions

    The following terms and conditions apply to all booking (reservation) enquiries, advertising and promotions ("our marketing"), travel plans (quotes) and bookings made in relation to any products or marketing produced and/or offered by Travel Directions Pty. Ltd. ("we/us/our/the company") trading as Global Escapes Travel, Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club (Australian Escapes) and Kiwi Escapes and are subject to change without notice. By purchasing or agreeing to proceed with a tour, travel or accommodation package, making a tour, travel and/or accommodation enquiry or booking with Australian Escapes and/or engaging the services of Australian Escapes in any other way you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and any reasonable amendments.

    Booking process & documentation:

    For details of when we book the various elements of your trip, and when you can expect to receive documentation, please read this information.


    Travel products offered by us fall into three categories: (1) Free & Independent Traveller ("FIT") travel packages*, (2) tour packages and (3) general travel. Tour and travel packages include a range of "package components" such as flights, accommodation, cruises and fully-guided or self-guided tours for example and such package inclusions may be customised to your requirements where possible. General travel is described as "any travel that is not based on an existing package". Tour and travel packages and general travel requirements are usually incorporated into a "Travel plan" along with pricing and special conditions (if any) and may include a service fee and/or a booking fee. A travel plan may also be called a "proposal" or "quote".

    When you approve a travel plan or otherwise agree to proceed with a tour, travel or accommodation package, a contract is created by you with us for the provision of our services as a travel agent ("travel agency services") in accordance with the travel plan subject to these terms and conditions. At any time following your agreement to proceed with a travel plan we may decline in writing to provide or continue to provide the travel agency services or part thereof and thereby discontinue the agreement in respect of those services. By engaging our travel agency services on behalf of one or more people other than yourself, or for two or more people including yourself ("travel group") you bind the other members of the travel group to these conditions and agree to provide a copy of these conditions to each member of the travel group. The terms "you" and "your" refer to you and your travel group as applicable.


    We source travel products and services directly from suppliers such as airlines, hotels, transport providers and tour companies. We also source products and services from other travel agents, as well as wholesalers and aggregators. We are responsible to you for providing agreed travel agency services in relation to agreed travel products and services ("product/s"). A booking or order by us for a product creates a contract between you and the supplier of the product for supply and provision of any such products and services ("provision of services"). A supplier relationship exists from the point at which the booking is confirmed by the supplier, subject to the supplier's booking terms and conditions. From that point onwards the supplier is responsible to you for provision of services and you agree to be bound by the supplier's terms and conditions in relation to same.

    In the event that a supplier fails to deliver or satisfactorily deliver a product ("delivery failure") we will use our best endeavours to arrange a suitable alternative on your behalf however we are not liable for any loss or other disadvantage you might suffer as a result of any delivery failure. You agree that you will not make any claim against us in relation to travel agency services, products or suppliers, or initiate any dispute with a credit card provider or otherwise over any payment made to us for accommodation and/or travel products and services.


    Tour and travel packages may include a flight price allowance (aka. "flight cost provision" or "FCP") that is based on the lowest airfares when booked within an 8 to 12-week advanced-purchase period as at the date of package production. An excess might apply depending on travel dates, airline, time-of-day, checked baggage and other variables. All final pricing will be approved by you before a tour or travel package can proceed to the booking stage. To understand how airline industry pricing works, please watch this video about DEMAND-BASED (DYNAMIC) FLIGHT PRICING. (See also "PRICE CHANGES" below.)


    At the time of booking - flights, hotels and other travel products might need to be changed from examples supplied in your travel plan, subject to availability, and with the aim of working within the budget created by your travel plan or amendments to same. Unless we specifically name a product and supplier, and unless otherwise agreed in the travel plan or requested or instructed by you by email, we may use our discretion in choosing travel products that fit the general description of the travel products proposed. We will at all times endeavour to meet or exceed applicable product and service standards with products and services that we believe are substantially similar to those proposed.

    If you specifically request or instruct by email that selection of one or more time-sensitive products such as accommodation or flights is subject to your approval prior to us placing the booking with the supplier, then we will provide details by phone or email. You will then have two (2) hours, or such other reasonable time frame as set by us, to provide verbal or written approval. If we do not receive such approval within the allotted time you agree that we may proceed as if approval has been received. (See also "PRICE CHANGES" below.)

    Nothwithstanding anything to the contrary in your travel plan or elsewhere, and unless specifically instructed or requested by you by email, we may use our discretion in choosing flights (including carrier, flight departure and arrival times and layovers) with the aim of working within the budget created by the travel plan, whilst also endeavouring to provide the most convenience possible.

    Service fees may apply at a specified rate for additional time required to deal with approval requests.


    Prices, validity periods, conditions and availability are subject to change without notice. Prices, regardless of where or how they are published, are a guide and estimate only and are subject to confirmation at the time of booking. Pricing is based on booking on the date of the original travel plan (proposal or quote) or invoice. We will confirm prices and details for available flights if included and selected hotel(s)/resort(s) and/or other travel products such as cruise fares and train fares with suppliers prior to booking. If there has been a price change, we will advise you in advance wherever possible. From the standpoint of ensuring best possible pricing and delivery of your travel requirements, if the price difference is within 5% of the original travel plan and availability is very limited, we will use our discretion and place the booking with the supplier if you cannot be contacted at the time to approve the change. Any such difference becomes payable by you. If you do not want this discretion to be applied you must advise us at the time of travel plan approval.

    Accommodation pricing in travel plans is based on one or more standard rooms as per requirements at properly selected resort(s)/hotel(s) that will accommodate the number of persons travelling. See published accommodation selection criteria. If suitable accommodation cannot be obtained within the travel plan budget, we will discuss options with you.

    We will use our best endeavours to work within the budget created by the travel plan. Unless specifically instructed or requested by you by email, the timing of booking or order placement for a product is at our discretion.


    All bookings are subject to availability. Rooms (hotel, resort or other accommodation), airline seats, cruise cabins, tour places/seats and other limited availability travel products cannot be held until a booking is made and confirmed with the supplier. Booking confirmation will usually require a deposit or full payment in accordance with applicable terms and conditions.


    Subject to applicable consumer law provisions, unless otherwise stated in a travel plan or related email correspondence, an itemised price breakdown for a travel package or travel plan will not be supplied prior to you proceeding with the travel plan as all pricing is done as a package and some pricing information might be confidential. The decision to proceed with a travel plan must be made on the basis of overall pricing and value without reference to or need for an itemised price breakdown. An itemised price breakdown will be supplied if and when required by law.


    If we help you plan an overseas holiday, considerable time and effort goes into identifying your wants, needs and requirements, preparing trip outlines, researching and sourcing the best value travel products to maximise your member savings, preparing travel plans and itineraries and other services that are performed at no charge. We go much further than most traditional travel agents as part of our member service package. This is done on the basis that you will be honourable and considerate in your dealings with us. That means (1) if you find a lower price for the same or similar itinerary, that you will come back to us with factual details and evidence of said price so we can review the itinerary to look for ways to save you more money or provide greater value in accordance with our World-wide Savings Guarantee, and (2) that you will not otherwise intentionally waste staff and travel consultant time.


    Notwithstanding the conditions before this, a "fixed price tour booking" means that, subject to final acceptance of the tour booking by us and payment of the required deposit by you in accordance with the applicable payment conditions and within the applicable time period, there will be no price increase attributable to factors such as flight price or other supplier price change that might occur prior to trip completion, except where a price change is the result of a change requested or made by you. Any delay in receipt of the specified deposit payment may result in cancellation of the booking by us.


    Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise stated and are subject to any exchange rate variations applicable to the currency(s) of the supplier(s) between the time of you agreeing to proceed with a booking to the time of us receiving full payment for same. All domestic travel prices include GST. All international travels prices do not include GST.


    A deposit of up to the full amount payable will be required to confirm the various components of your travel plan. The balance if any is payable on or before a specified due date explained at the time of booking. A deposit holds a booking only after it is confirmed in writing by the supplier. Balance payments are subject to any variation in the exchange rate applicable to the currency(s) of the supplier(s) and are further subject to international wire transfer fees if applicable, at Commonwealth Bank rates.


    A 2.6% credit card merchant fee applies to payments made by Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. A 4.5% fee applies to AMEX. Limits may apply to the amount that can be paid by this method. If time is not critical payment can be made via internet banking (Electronic Funds Transfer EFT). A delay of up to two days can occur. A bank deposit (direct deposit) is option available for urgent payments however payment must be deposited in cash to our Commonwealth Bank account at a CBA branch or via RTGS at your bank for it to be received on the same day. Prices and availability change continually and this is a factor when considering payment options.


    If your booking is for accommodation related to a promotional voucher issued to you by Australian Escapes or that has been transferred/gifted to you in accordance with the terms and conditions on the voucher and the voucher has a deposit value the final booking price quoted will be after deduction of the voucher deposit value. A further deposit or full payment will be required at the time of booking. Terms and conditions on the voucher are in addition to these terms and conditions and in the event of any conflict between the two these terms and conditions take precedence.


    Amendments to existing bookings are subject to confirmation with the relevant supplier(s) and any conditions, charges, fees or other costs imposed by same. A standard administration fee of $150.00 applies per amendment. Higher fees may apply in regard to complex and time-intensive changes. Lower fees may apply to simple changes.


    Tour-only package: free cancellation period:

    Refer to package details for details of any free cancellation period for tour-only bookings if applicable. A tour-only booking supplied by Australian Escapes Guided Tours or Kiwi Escapes may be cancelled up to the specified number of days prior to the tour departure date without any cancellation fee imposed by us. Any deposit paid will be refunded within 7 days of the cancellation request being received in writing. Tours supplied by other firms may be subject to a different free cancellation period.

    Flight-inclusive tour package: free cancellation period:

    Refer to package details for details of any free cancellation period for tour-only bookings if applicable. Applies to a tour package offered by us where this policy is specifically included. The tour package may be cancelled up to the specified number of days prior to the tour departure date without any cancellation fee imposed by us. However, any package components that have been booked on your behalf at your request are subject to cancellation fees and charges as follows. Any money paid (after cancellation fees and charges) will be refunded within 30 days of the cancellation request being received in writing, subject to receipt of refunds from suppliers.

    Flight changes and cancellations:

    Flight bookings are non-refundable if cancelled, and name or date changes are not permitted, regardless of supplier conditions. If you believe you are entitled to a refund or credit in the event of a cancellation by you, it must be arranged by you directly with the airline. If an airline cancels a booking or makes a schedule change that renders the flight unsuitable you will be entitled to a refund.

    Other cancellations and general conditions:

    Subject to the above free cancellation period conditions if applicable, in the event of cancellation of an accommodation booking, tour, travel package or travel plan or any component thereof ("package component") there will be no refund of the applicable booking fee, service fee and/or credit card processing charges. For cancellations of individual bookings, other than cancellation of an entire travel plan, unless otherwise specified, a standard administration fee of $150.00 per cancellation applies on a per-package-component* basis in addition to any other charges. The administration fee applies from the point of making enquiries into whether or not a booking or other package component is refundable, or other starting point as the case may be. Higher fees may apply to complex and time-intensive cancellations and will be calculated on the basis of time required.

    Cancellation of, including substantial change to, an entire travel plan or a majority of package components thereof, will incur service and administration fees of up to 30% of the total travel plan price. Cancellations are subject to supplier cancellation conditions, policies and charges which may be up to 100% of the total amount paid. Cancellation of certain promotional packages may also incur a penalty up to 100% of the total amount paid.

    Types of cancellations include:

    1. Cancellation by you of one or more bookings made by us with suppliers on your behalf;
    2. Cancellation of a booking by a supplier for any reason;
    3. Cancellation by you of a travel plan where part payment or full payment has been made;
    4. Substantial change to a travel plan where part payment or full payment has been made;
    5. Deposit or balance/final payment not received by the due date resulting in one or more cancellations by us or suppliers;
    6. Critical information required to complete a booking such as traveller names, dates of birth or otherwise not received by the due date resulting in cancellation by us or the supplier.
    7. Cancellation caused by Australian federal or state government travel restrictions or travel restrictions imposed by a destination country.

    If a cancellation event occurs we and/or the supplier(s) reserve the right to treat the applicable booking(s) as cancelled and to apply the appropriate cancellation conditions, policies and charges. The result of the cancellation process in respect of each package component if successful may be a refund or a credit in accordance with the supplier's conditions and policies. Travel Directions Pty. Ltd. and any associated business entities may be suppliers of services for the purposes of these conditions.

    We recommend that you take out approprate travel insurance at the time of placing your booking. Please refer to your travel insurance policy PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) for details of what cancellation events are and are not covered.

    * Components that make up your tour or travel package or travel plan can include individual bookings of accommodation, flights, car hire, airport transfers, tours, cruises etc. and will be clearly described in your travel plan, booking confirmations or other correspondence. Flight booking cancellations are subject to further conditions above.

    Booking changes:

    For changes to individual bookings a standard administration fee of $150.00 per booking applies. The administration fee applies from the point of making enquiries into whether or not a booking or other package component booking can be changed, change costs etc, or other starting point as the case may be. Higher fees may apply to complex and time-intensive changes and will be calculated on the basis of time required.

    Supplier credits, refunds and rebookings:

    The contract for supply of a package component when booked is between you and the supplier (See "PROVISION OF SERVICES BY SUPPLIERS"). After cancellation a credit may be created by the supplier for the package component to expire on a date set by the supplier. Supplier credit extensions may usually be arranged by us on your behalf provided that (1) the supplier will deal with us on your behalf, (2) the supplier will allow the extension. An minimum administration fee of $300 per package component applies for us to arrange credit extension or refund, and to provide the necessary administration. Administration fees of up to 30% of the total travel plan or component price may apply. Arranging a flight credit, flight credit extension, refund, or rebooking of flights using credits might require you to deal directly with the applicable airline. A cancellation advice will be supplied in the case of a cancelled travel plan after all administration is completed.

    On request by you we will provide a new travel plan for the purpose of rebooking a travel plan that has been partially or fully cancelled. A service fee is payable for the time required to reprice package components, price any additional package components, and prepare and submit a new travel plan, discuss with you, rebook each item, remit payment, provide administration etc. The amount of service fee will be included in the travel plan price. If you do not proceed with a new travel plan within seven (7) days of submission the service fee becomes due and payable at that time and may be deducted from any refunds received from suppliers.

    Supplier cancellations:

    In the event that you or a supplier cancels one or more of your bookings during a trip, requiring rebooking by us with a different supplier, a service fee of 30% per rebooked item value applies. Where a supplier cancels one or more of your package component bookings during a trip, such as an activity or accommodation booking, where a refund is to be processed to us, an administration fee of 30% per item value applies for the work required to obtain the refund for the cancelled item, deal with internal administration and process the refund to you.

    General package credits:

    A general package credit ("GPC") may be issued by us or a supplier in relation to a fully or partially cancelled travel plan. Such credit can include service fees or other type of general credit issued by a supplier. Unless otherwise expressly stated by us, a GPC may be applied to a rebooking in proportion to the percentage the GPC represents of the nett price of the original cancelled travel plan. For example, if the GPC represents 10% of the original cancelled travel plan nett price it may be applied for up to a maximum of 10% of the value of the new travel plan. Unless otherwise expressly stated by us, a GPC is valid for a rebooking made within a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original travel plan cancellation and unused GPC will expire on that date.

    Airport transfers:

    Airport transfers to and/or from an airport are non-refundable regardless of the circumstances. This is because the causes of service failure are out of our control, including driver no-show, traveler did not confirm the transfers, traveler did not arrange international roaming on the phone used for the booking(s), mobile phone turned off or in “flight mode”, traveler did not locate the driver at the airport, or forgot about the transfer booking.


    Descriptions of accommodation properties and other travel products featured in marketing are based on information provided by or accessed from the participating suppliers. Any features, facilities or services shown to be included are subject to change at any time. We do not guarantee the suitability, fitness for purpose, class or standard of accommodation or travel products offered and as such is not liable for any misleading or false information, misrepresentations, inaccuracies and errors and the disappointment, loss, delay, expense, illness, injury, death, damage or shock associated, irrespective of its cause. Without limitation, we will not be responsible if the product is not available or not supplied due to inclement weather conditions or other Acts of God.


    If you experience any type of problem during your trip that you would like to discuss with us, or you need assistance of any type related to bookings made, it is important that you contact us on the emergency phone number supplied immediately at the time the situation is occurring, not after or later when the opportunity for us to help solve the problem has passed.

    Any situation that incurs a cost for which you believe we are responsible will not be accepted if we are not immediately notified. This does not mean we will automatically accept responsibility for any costs incurred. If you contact us after you have returned from travelling to inform us of costs incurred in dealing with a situation that we were not notified about at the time, we will assist with obtaining reimbursement or refunds where possible however service fees will apply. Costs incurred in situations that are out of our control and yours, such as the cost of missed connections ie. booking new flights, as well as any fees payable to us, are payable by you. Some costs may be claimable on travel insurance.


    Under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Charter for Safe Travel, for which AFTA was first signatory on 11 June 2003, agents are committed to “encourage travellers to take out adequate travel insurance”. To ‘encourage’ travel insurance, the travel agent must provide advice regarding what cover is recommended, requirements, exclusions etc, to fit the client’s circumstances and the travel destinations. To give comprehensive advice on travel insurance, ASIC requires the travel agent to hold an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence or be an authorised representative of a licence holder. (Extracted from an article titled "Travel Insurance Pitfalls" by Cordato Partners [Lawyers])

    Travel Directions Pty Ltd is not the holder of a Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence and therefore may not make specific recommendations regarding travel insurance. Therefore any advice given is of a general nature only as follows:

    Comprehensive travel insurance is advised and encouraged to cover various events including events that might cause a cancellation or loss of money paid. The decision as to whether or not to take out travel insurance and/or the choice and decisions regarding suitability of a specific travel insurance policy product or supplier rests entirely with you. Whilst we may include a provision for travel insurance in a travel plan or package, and/or purchase a travel insurance policy on your behalf, we make no representation as to the suitability of such travel insurance for your needs. You may choose your own travel insurance. As soon as practicable after agreeing to proceed with a travel plan that includes travel insurance it is your responsibility to determine the suitability of the proposed travel insurance if any, and supply any and all relevant information that might affect the policy or cover such as details of pre-existing medical conditions. We accept no responsibility for the result of any claim made under a travel insurance policy ordered by us or you.


    It is your responsibility to supply us with names of travelers exactly as they appear on government issued ID. Driver's license, passport or birth certificate are required for domestic travel; passport for international travel and should be supplied to us via email.

    PLEASE CHECK THE NAMES ON YOUR BOOKING CONFIRMATION to ensure that all passenger names supplied to us for airline bookings are EXACTLY as they appear on your ID. An incorrect name will require a change of name request with the airline. This might require cancellation and reissuing of tickets, potentially at a higher price. Any charges incurred are payable by you except if the error was made by us. If you see a name spelling error on your booking confirmation please notify us immediately. The passenger will not be allowed to board if there is a name mismatch between the name on the airline booking and the name on your passport or other ID.


    Every person travelling internationally requires a passport and it is your responsibility to obtain a passport for each person travelling (including children). Most countries require that passports have at least 6 months validity past the date of return to Australia so if your passport is nearing expiry we recommend that you get it renewed.


    Read and information about this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_Australian_citizens

    It is your responsibility to determine whether or not a visa, visa waiver authority, or entry permit ("travel permit/s") of any type is required for entry into any country that you intend to visit whilst overseas and to obtain such travel permit/s in time for your trip. It is also your responsibility to organize vaccinations if required. For information about vaccinations as well as links to specialists please visit this website: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/travel-vaccinations


    The decision with regard to whether or not to travel to a particular country or any region, town or city within any destination country is entirely your decision and you accept responsibility regardless of any advice you might have received prior to travelling. Please visit the following website for information to assist in your travel decisions and to obtain updates whilst overseas: https://www.smartraveller.gov.au


    IN CONSIDERATION OF the covenants and agreements contained herein and other good and valuable consideration exchanged hereunder, you agree as follows: Participation in travel resulting from the use of our services is on a voluntary basis. You and all others in your travel group (if any) are physically able to safely travel without being harmed. You personally assume all risk that is associated with your participation or your travel group's participation in travel and hereby release the company from liability for any potential loss or damages that result. You hold the company harmless if any damages or loss occurs. You release the company and its directors and employees from all manner of actions, causes of action, debts, accounts, bonds, contracts, claims and demands for or by reason of any damage, loss or injury to person and property which has been or may be sustained as a consequence of your participation in travel and/or participation in travel by your travel group.


    We endeavour to provide efficient, professional service through timely communication and delivering as closely as possible, the service and travel experience you expect. Occasional mistakes and delays do occur and circumstances such as high demand periods might cause delays in communication, however we do everything possible to rectify mistakes when they occur and to meet or exceed expectations. Problems can arise in the course of planning and delivering our travel services as well as during your travels. If you experience a significant deficiency in our service you agree to attempt to resolve the matter directly with the company by submitting your complaint to the email address below. You agree that you will not post, or cause to be posted, disparaging remarks including without limitation, comments or statements, on any website including any social media site or via email about the company, its staff or services, where any part of such review is untrue, unfair, is in conflict with agreed terms, or relates in any way to a supplier's service or product deficiency. You indemnify the company against all losses from such actions by yourself and/or by any other person or persons acting on your behalf, with or without your consent, in relation to your dealings with the company. In addition to any other costs you will required to repay the value of any discounts received (represented as membership travel credits and/or discount vouchers) in relation to travel services supplied.

    Email address: admin@australianescapes.com.au
    Attention: Company director


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