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Covid-19 Update 02/04/2020

Australia Travel

Let's all try and keep things into perspective. In the unlikely event that you get the virus you will most likely survive. But will the economy?

Nothing like Australia

Rediscover the beauty

First, refamilarise yourself with this beautiful country of ours. Then read on...

The government's approach is vast overkill

There's a saying - "Don't napalm the whole forest to kill an ants nest".

For most people, the corona virus (Covid-19) is not dissimilar to the typical flu that we all know and hate. But were you aware that over 500,000 people each year die from the flu world-wide. In Australia 812 died in 2019 from 217,000 reported cases. Unfortunately and sadly the same people who are already very ill might succumb to this virus, in the same way they might succumb to the typical flu.$File/flu-12-2019.pdf

Flu deaths 2019

World data:

You've probably survived the flu in the past and are likely to survive this. The difference is that this virus is only slightly more dangerous to people with a compromised immune system.

Be careful of news from the USA (and Australia)

You'll be very confused after watching this video uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

If this is true, it is very concerning as well as confusing. Less than 60 ICU beds are currently in use in Australia, which is nothing.

Be concerned about getting to the truth

These experts shed light on the true situation. If you thought "something does not add up", here's why.

This would not be an issue except for the devastating consequences of the overreaction.

Our biggest concern should be business survival

If businesses have to stay shut down longer than a few weeks from now, it will be extremely hard to recover. The government "Job Keeper" wage handout is two months away. Most of the 120,000+ businesses that need that money, need it now. It does not help however if you have no business.

There is a Covid 19 drug available already, being trialed from Monday 06/04/2020 in Melbourne hospitals. The base drug Chloroquine phosphate is well known to everyone including the governments here and overseas. It stops the virus in its tracks. (It had to be funded privately.) Why other countries with big losses have not already started using that drug is a mystery. (Quick update: US FDA has approved use from today.)

  • Those who get the virus could go to a GP or hospital early and get treatment - simple.
  • Let the rest of us get on with our lives.

The focus should be on getting past the critical point no later than mid-April by getting the treatment in place, which will eliminate fear. This would mean that the government would not have to spend public money and in so doing - avoid destroying the future of this country.

There are just 23 people dead from the corona virus here. Almost all were on the edge anyway. Each of these lives has cost a vast fortune. If I was one of them I would say "DON'T COUNT ME! - I was nearly gone anyway. I don't want to be even remotely responsible for the burden on everyone else."

You do not want to see what is going to happen to small business in two months time. Predictions of 10% unemployment are optimistic - it will probably be much higher. The government does not yet have a recovery plan. Who ever said that politicians were smart? They are implementing a bio-security plan that was trialed in 2008 but that plan has flaws.

Because Australians are a compliant lot in general we have stopped the virus, so now let's get back to normal. Expecting people to stay isolated for months is a nightmare. If you have a comfortable home, try to imagine being stuck in a tiny apartment for weeks on end and completely isolated.

The looming debt burden is just ridiculous. There is now talk of higher GST which is a tax on business at the revenue end. Forget about consumers paying it, that does not happen.

The focus most go onto proving the drug over the course of a week and getting it into the hospitals.

The television media in general is still fear-mongering

You should have the facts (not media hype/reporting, YouTube videos etc.) about the virus.

The media is interested in audience numbers and reporting the "news" as they see it, not allaying fears. Channel 9 news reporters are still talking as if everything is on the verge of a massive surge in cases. It is not going to happen.

Only 60 of more than 2,000 current public hospital ICU beds are in use and lock-downs have taken hold.

If you have Foxtel, watch The Bolt Report on Sky News.

95% have very mild symptoms

Most people who have had the virus report mild symptoms.

UQ scientists might have the answers

A cure/treatment is on the horizon thanks to some smart University of Queensland (UQ) scientists:

The Australian government and state governments must focus on recovery

The government health department acted quickly which has led to very good containment. But now that containment has largely been achieved, let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.

The government's assistance for small business is months away. Urgent recovery action must be taken as soon as a drug is available and viable.

Stay up to date

Get the facts:

Please read “Current status” to see what is actually happening.

Do not stop enjoying life and do not be afraid

Fear immobilises people. But getting this virus is (so far) unlikely for people who are careful. Because of the unknown, and in this case partly because of the media, people are not venturing out or spending money, which has had severe economic effects.

The government and states have now implemented measures that have effectively closed down Australia, but talk of this going on for months spells disaster unless they change tack in the next few weeks.

If the virus does spread, then perhaps you could just assume you are going to get it. On that basis what would you do to prepare? Think about strengthening your immune system by making sure your diet is the best it can be. Think about hygiene when out especially hand washing and hand sanitizers.

What we're doing

It's certainly not "business as usual". No-one is travelling. We're mainly handling cancellations and helping members get back the maximum refunds and credits for their cancelled trips. After that activity stops in the next few months we're reducing to very basic support, most likely email only, until the global situation changes.

Members renewing now and in the next six months will receive a free 12 month extension in addition to their paid renewal.

All the best from the team at Australian Escapes. We'll see you on the other side.

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